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Alkaline Water for Elderly People

People start to experience deterioration in their muscle power, weakness and exhaustion as they get older. One of the most powerful helpers to allow other muscles in our body like two heart muscles to be healthy and powerful is Alkali water which is mineral-rich such as magnesium and calcium. If Alkali water is used regularly, it will ensure vitality and health in your daily lives.

Alkaline Water for Pregnant Women

Women's need for especially magnesium and calcium increases during pregnancy. They start experiencing urethritis and constipation frequently. And the most natural solution to these problems is regular alkali water consumption. The intelligence level of children of pregnant women consuming alkali water has been proved to be higher compared to other children.

Alkaline Water for Sportsmen/Sportswomen

The need for water of the human body increases during the activities requiring excessive movements like sports. Alkali water is an important water source to help the oxygen amount in the blood increase and lost minerals be regained. As the Alkali ratio in the body increases, lipase enzyme in charge of flattering is excreted in your body more.

Alkaline Water for Children

Children suffer from dehidration frequently since they experience adolescence. Cell growth and division are operations requiring a lot of water. Children also are also in need of minerals and vitamins a lot since they move a lot. It is a reality that we cannot meet this need of children with chemically changed foods and fast-food sufficiently. One of the most efficient methods in this situation is to cause them to drink ALKALINE WATER, which is enriched in terms of minerals.



    Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu

    Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu states that there has been a misbelief among people that "soft water is better". On the contrary, he says the soft water is quite harmful and the waters we drink must be of minerals not only pH values.

    Dr. Ender Saraç

    The guest speaks with the experience of the benefits of alkaline water.

    Prof. Dr. Erkan Topuz

    What kind of water should we consume? The Relation between the bottled water and cancer

    Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol

    Danger in Bottled Waters

    Dr. Yasemin Bradley

    Dr. Yasemin Bradley explains the importance of Alkali Water in our lives and its benefits on Ebru Şallı's program.

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